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About Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education

provide world class educational service since 2014

Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education to achieve its vision, mission and strategic goals for the development of Afghan society through teaching, research and services on 26 April 2015 with two faculties (pharmacy and stomatology) after obtaining official licenses from the ministry of higher education, it was inaugurated in Kabul as a dynamic higher education institution with excellent teaching quality in order to raise the level of professional knowledge of our dear compatriots and other citizens of neighboring countries in the light of Islamic teachings and respect for all religions on earth and in the world. Teaching and academic creates and fulfills the mission for the qualified students in different fields and levels, which fortunately, with the prudent management and specialized human resources, the following achievements have been achieved in a short time.

Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education
Noman Sadat Founder

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Our Team

Abdul Habib Karimi

Abdul Habib Karimi

Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Mohammad Yousuf Shahab

Mohammad Yousuf Shahab

Vice Chancellor of Administrative and Financial Affairs
Momin Darman

Momin Darman

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

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