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Pharmacy Faculty of Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education wants to take a purposeful step towards the advancement of knowledge and culture in the light of strategic planning and play its part in the direction of scientific and academic growth and development. One of the basic elements in the establishment of this institution is determined to take steps based on a regular application plan that can be adapted to national and regional standards in the direction of knowledge and development of basic sciences and specialized sciences of pharmacy in order to fulfill this great responsibility correctly and within four years. For the year of medical education, make a pharmacist with sufficient reserves to the next stages of education. This college started its activity in 2015 by recruiting 120 students, which fortunately, was the first course of pharmacy college graduates of Noman Sadat Higher Education Institute after completing the four-year training course of the pharmacy program and the internship period in the country's medicine factories and Noman Sadat Medical Hospital in Celebrating their graduation in the middle of the JAN month of 2017, in the same way, including the first batch of graduates, four were accepted as professors in the academic staff of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Having legal and regular relations with other universities inside and outside the country, having experienced professors with high levels of education, classrooms equipped with modern teaching equipment and supplies, including projectors, screens, computers, whiteboards and electrical systems, more From 6 well-equipped laboratories, including (pharmacy, chemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutics, chemistry, physics, histology, biochemistry, and analogical medicine laboratory) for conducting practical courses, a strong dedicated library at the university level, a suitable study environment, having an update curriculum and syllabi, Textbooks and textbooks, use of information technology, counseling and job search center, organization of scientific seminars and conferences for the development of professional skills and participation in the development of society and special attention to scientific and research works are among the special features of this university. Enrollment in the Faculty of Pharmacy through the entrance examination of the institution, which is conducted with the presence of the official board of the Ministry of Higher Education, is done in accordance with the procedure for the admission of students in Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education. In this directory, all academic and administrative matters are carried out based on the established laws and regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education through the guidance and supervision of the general directorate of private higher education institutions that was established in the formation of the Ministry of Higher Education. The duration of studying in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education is eight semesters in four years with a credit system. The head of the university carries out his academic and administrative tasks under the supervision and guidance of the academic vice president and the head of the institute. The head of the university is in charge of all educational, cultural, research, administrative and disciplinary affairs, as well as the head of the university's scientific council and their permanent committees. The administrative work of this university is carried out by the vice-chancellor, executive management and teaching management under the supervision of the university director. Since its establishment, the Department of Pharmacy Department of Noman Sadat Institute of Higher Education has been continuously providing educational opportunities with national and international standards for the education of the children of this border and world, so that by offering specialized and committed people related to pharmacy matters for the society and To play an active role in improving the health system of the country by eliminating the gaps.

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Pharmacist Rohullah Haidary

Pharmacist Rohullah Haidary